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Jeff Php Framework

Jeff is a modular, extensible, OOP, MVC, lightweight php framework designed to ease the programmers in the development of web applications.

Designed for a database driven programming experience, ensures an indisputable rapidity in development thanks to its auto-generated back office functionality.

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Jeff v0.98 released

A dive into html5 version

Otto srl has released yesterday a new release of Jeff php framework, version v0.98.

The new version does not make substantial changes to the core of Jeff, and even adds exciting features, but should be considered a version of optimization to the standard HTML5.

As you know Jeff was born thinking on html5, however, to maintain maximum compatibility with previous versions of markup, some features were left in midair between HTML4 and the powerful new HTML5.

Let's see more in detail the changes that led to the new version:

  • Jeff has incorporated the modernizr javascript library released with a MIT license. This is a library that does various things, and in particular provides methods to test if the browser supports certain features html5. Also automates the creation of the "fake" elements section, article, nav, etc... so that they are also recognized by IE in person. Thus the old library html5.js was removed because no longer necessary.
  • The form attribute of the tag label was added to the class form, which by default is set automatically by the system.
  • A question of style (django rulez)... the required fields on forms are stylized in bold to differentiate them from non-compulsory (previously was resorted to classic star).
  • Support for email input field was added in the form class. Do not get me wrong, Jeff was able to create new html5 input field types like url, search..., but in this case by saying that it is an email field jeff automatically assigns the pattern attribute to check for valid email address inserted, can clearly also cooperate more effectively with the adminTable class, when a table has a "special" field of type email.
  • The basic templates of Jeff have been updated to contain the right headers DOCTYPE, the correct definition of the element ROOT html and the definition of the META charset, according to the specific html5
  • One of the most consistent change. Is now possible (thanks to the creation of new "template variables" META and HEAD_LINKS) to add dynamically (at runtime) meta tags or links inside the head of the document. In particular, this allows you to decide at runtime (and thus customize according to the url) if and what additional information insert. Such information is crucial, for example if you want to give users the possibility to share contents on social networks or create links to feed (and just think, 'browsers recognize the presence of feed and automatically add the controls to the right side of the address bar).
  • Creation of a CHANGELOG file that allows me, for example, to be so precise about the characteristics of the new version :)

This is all, as always, I invite you to bring your comments below and report bugs or problems in the proper section on github.