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Jeff Php Framework

Jeff is a modular, extensible, OOP, MVC, lightweight php framework designed to ease the programmers in the development of web applications.

Designed for a database driven programming experience, ensures an indisputable rapidity in development thanks to its auto-generated back office functionality.

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Jeff v0.99 released

Many new features and code improvements

The version v0.99 of Jeff framework is out!

There are many and substantial improvements to the framework in this version, at core level, modules, code optimization and documentation.

Let's see more in detail the main changes that led to the new version.

Improvements and new features

  • share function: the new function was added in order to ease the creation of share links. The supported social platforms are facebook, twitter, linkedin, googleplus and digg.
  • cut html text function: the new function allows to truncate an html preserving the correct tag closure
  • full text search: a new core class was added allowing the execution of full text searches with results highlighting (for MySQL only). The use of this new class requires a database custom function which is provided in the file itself and must be added to your MySQL instance
  • new db client methods were added in order to allow the direct execution of select statements
  • singleton: a singleton superclass was added in the core of jeff, implementing the singleton pattern. The registry and db factory classes inherits from it assuring the existence of only one registry and db client instance. All classes were updated in order to use the singleton instance, since now it's no longer necessary to pass the registry object everywhere
  • the mysql db client class was moved from modules to the core
  • mime types check improvements in the form class and adminTable class when uploading files
  • new menu module: the main menu voices are now stored directly on the database and managed through a web back office
  • source code documentation: all sources have been documented, the result is a complete reference site for the developers, now Jeff has no more secrets!

Bug fixed

  • Bug fixed in the javascript datepicker library, causing the impossibility to navigate through years and months views