Jeff PHP framework  0.99
Modular, extensible, OOP, MVC, lightweight php framework designed to ease the programmers in the development of web applications.
Form management
+ Collaboration diagram for Form management:


file  form_cell.php

Template for form custom user inputs, see form.

file  form_element.php

Template for the single form element, see form.

file  form_fieldset.php

Template for the fieldset element used in forms, see form.

file  form_multicheckbox.php

Template for the multicheckbox form element, see form::multiplecheckbox.

Data Structures

class  captcha
 Class used to generate captcha images. More...
class  form
 Class used to manage forms. More...
class  image
 Image manipulation class. More...

Detailed Description

Set of classes used to manage data forms. The form class provides methods to create html form elements and upload files.

The captcha class allows the generation of captcha images.

The image class provides methods to manipulate images.