Jeff PHP framework  0.99
Modular, extensible, OOP, MVC, lightweight php framework designed to ease the programmers in the development of web applications.
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions: [code]
configuration.php [code]Jeff configuration file
index.php [code]Front end entry point [code]
noaccess.php [code]No access page
paths.php [code]Jeff system paths definition
plugins.php [code]List and definition of installed plugins
pointer.php [code]Front end entry point used to call a specific class method (and get its output) [code]
admin/admin.php [code]Entry point for the administrative area
admin/pointer.php [code]Entry point used to call a specific class method in the administrative area (and get its output)
core/access.class.php [code]Contains the access class
core/adminTable.class.php [code]Contains the class which manages the auto generation of the backoffice
core/authentication.class.php [code]Contains the authentication class
core/cache.php [code]Contains the Outputs and data caching, outputCache and dataCache classes
core/captcha.class.php [code]Contains the class used to generate captcha images
core/core.class.php [code]Contains the core class
core/document.class.php [code]Contains the document class
core/dtime.class.php [code]Contains the datetime class
core/error.class.php [code]Contains the error class
core/export.class.php [code]Contains the export class
core/form.class.php [code]Contains the form class
core/image.class.php [code]Contains the image class
core/include.php [code]Includes core classes and provides an autoload method
core/pagination.class.php [code]Contains the pagination class
core/registry.class.php [code]Contains the registry class
core/router.class.php [code]Contains the router class
core/search.class.php [code]Contains the search class
core/singleton.class.php [code]Contains the singleton class
core/tables.php [code]Contains system database tables definition
core/db/db.factory.php [code]Contains the database factory implementation
core/db/interface.db.php [code]Contains the database client interface
core/db/mysql.php [code]Contains the MySQL client definition
core/mvc/controller.class.php [code]Contains the controller primitive class
core/mvc/model.class.php [code]Contains the model primitive class
core/mvc/view.class.php [code]Contains the view primitive class
core/template/template.class.php [code]Contains the template class
core/template/template.factory.php [code]Contains template factory class
core/theme/interface.theme.php [code]Contains the theme interface
core/theme/theme.class.php [code]Contains the theme primitive class
lib/php/functions.php [code]PHP functions used a bit everywhere
lib/php/varFilters.php [code]PHP functions used a to work with strings
modules/datetimeSettings/datetimeSettings.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the datetimeSettings module
modules/datetimeSettings/datetimeSettings.php [code]Contains the model of the datetimeSettings module
modules/group/group.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the group module
modules/group/group.php [code]Contains the model of the group module
modules/index/index.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the index module
modules/language/language.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the language module
modules/language/language.php [code]Contains the model of the language module
modules/layout/layout.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the layout module
modules/layout/layout.php [code]Contains the model of the layout module
modules/login/login.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the login module
modules/login/login.php [code]Contains the model of the login module
modules/menu/menu.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the menu module
modules/menu/menu.php [code]Contains the menu class
modules/menu/menuAdminTable.php [code]Contains the menuAdminTable class
modules/menu/menuVoice.php [code]Contains the model of the menu module
modules/page/page.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the page module
modules/privilege/privilege.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the privilege module
modules/privilege/privilege.php [code]Contains the model of the privilege module
modules/siteSettings/siteSettings.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the siteSettings module
modules/siteSettings/siteSettings.php [code]Contains the model of the siteSettings module
modules/user/user.controller.php [code]Contains the controller of the user module
modules/user/user.php [code]Contains the model of the user module
themes/default/default.php [code]Contains the default theme class
themes/default/languages/english.php [code]Contains the english translations dictionary
themes/default/languages/italiano.php [code]Contains the italian translations dictionary
themes/default/view/admin_table.php [code]Template of the admin list view (list of model items in back office), see adminTable
themes/default/view/admin_table_filter.php [code]Template of the admin list view with filters (list of model items in back office), see adminTable
themes/default/view/credits.php [code]Template of the credits section
themes/default/view/form_cell.php [code]Template for form custom user inputs, see form
themes/default/view/form_element.php [code]Template for the single form element, see form
themes/default/view/form_fieldset.php [code]Template for the fieldset element used in forms, see form
themes/default/view/form_multicheckbox.php [code]Template for the multicheckbox form element, see form::multiplecheckbox
themes/default/view/group_form_privilege.php [code]Template for the association of privileges to user groups, see groupController
themes/default/view/group_manage.php [code]Template containing the backoffice forms of the User groups, see groupController
themes/default/view/group_manage_list.php [code]Template containing the backoffice list of the User groups, see groupController
themes/default/view/index_admin.php [code]Template containing the index of the administrative area, see indexController
themes/default/view/index_public.php [code]Template containing the public index, see indexController
themes/default/view/index_user.php [code]Template containing the private index, see indexController
themes/default/view/layout_list.php [code]Template containing the backoffice list of the Layout, see layoutController
themes/default/view/login.php [code]Template containing the public login form, see loginController
themes/default/view/login_admin.php [code]Template containing the login form of the administrative area, see loginController
themes/default/view/logout.php [code]Template containing the logout link of the main site, see loginController
themes/default/view/logout_admin.php [code]Template containing the logout link of the administrative area, see loginController
themes/default/view/manage_table.php [code]Template for the autogenerated Backoffice wrapper (items list and forms are wrapped in this template)
themes/default/view/menu_admin.php [code]Template containing the menu of the administrative area, see menuController
themes/default/view/menu_public.php [code]Template containing the main site menu, see menuController
themes/default/view/pagination_navigation.php [code]Template containing the page navigation links, see pagination
themes/default/view/pagination_summary.php [code]Template containing the pagination summary, see pagination
themes/default/view/tab.php [code]Template used for displaying tabs
themes/default/view/table.php [code]Template used for displaying tables
themes/white/white.php [code]Contains the white theme class
themes/white/languages/english.php [code]Contains the english translations dictionary
themes/white/languages/italiano.php [code]Contains the italian translations dictionary