Jeff PHP framework  0.99
Modular, extensible, OOP, MVC, lightweight php framework designed to ease the programmers in the development of web applications.
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
accessClass used to check the user privileges
adminTableClass which generates automatically the backoffice for the management of a database table
authenticationClass used to check user login/logout actions
cacheCache super class
captchaClass used to generate captcha images
controllerController class of the MVC pattern, is the class used to control a model object and call the desired views
coreThe core of the web application
dataCacheCache implementation to store data structures
datetimeSettingsDatetime Settings model class
datetimeSettingsControllerDatetime Settings module controller
dbDatabase factory, returns a database object instance depending on the DBMS configuration setting
DbManagerDatabase client interface
defaultThemeDefault theme class
documentClass which renders the html document
dtimeClass for the management of date and time strings
ErrorAbstract class for the management of system errors, errors due to wrong actions of the user, warning messages
exportData exportation class
formClass used to manage forms
groupUser group model class
groupControllerGroup module controller
imageImage manipulation class
indexControllerIndex module controller
IthemeThe common interface for all theme classes
languageLanguage model class
languageControllerLanguage module controller
layoutLayout model class
layoutControllerLayout module controller
loginLogin model class
loginControllerLogin module controller
menuMenu class, a wrapper for main site and administrative area menus
menuAdminTableBack office management class
menuControllerMenu module controller
menuVoiceMenu voice model class
modelModel class of the MVC pattern, is the class used to represent a database record object
mysqlMySQL client class
outputCacheCache implemetation to store html/text/xml outputs
pageControllerPage module controller
paginationClass used to manage paging of lists or content
privilegePrivilege model class
privilegeControllerPrivilege module controller
registryGlobal framework registry
routerFramework router class
searchFull text search tool (mysql DBMS)
singletonSingleton primitive class
siteSettingsSite settings model class
siteSettingsControllerSite settings module controller
templateClass used to manage and parse templates
templateFactoryFactory Class which creates concrete templates objects
themePrimitive theme class
userUser model class
userControllerUser module controller
viewView class of the MVC pattern, is the class used to manage the module's views
whiteThemeWhite theme class