Jeff PHP framework  0.99
Modular, extensible, OOP, MVC, lightweight php framework designed to ease the programmers in the development of web applications.
Theme management
+ Collaboration diagram for Theme management:


 Default theme

Jeff default theme

Contains all the views, css, translations needed by the system. Every other theme has a fallback to the default when it lacks any resource.

 White theme

Jeff white theme

All missing resources fallback on the default theme.

Data Structures

interface  Itheme
 The common interface for all theme classes. More...
class  theme
 the primitive theme class More...

Detailed Description

Set of classes used to manage themes

Thanks to its modularity Jeff may support different themes, and the user may set which one to use, setting it as active.
All theme classes extends the theme class and implements the theme interface.

Every new installed theme "extends" the default one, in the sense that the new template may only override some features and all other stuffs (img, css, views, locales, js) falbacks to the default template, this way is quite fast to change for example only the template graphics because it's enough to create some images and rewrite the css stylesheet.

What follow is the list of features a theme might have