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menuVoice Class Reference

Menu voice model class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($id)
 Constructs a menu voice instance.

Static Public Member Functions

static get ($opts=null)
 Gets menu voices objects.

Detailed Description

Menu voice model class.

Model fields:

  • id int(8): primary key
  • parent int(4): parent id, null or 0 if the voice has not a parent
  • label varchar(128): voice label
  • url varchar(128): link url
  • target varchar(8): link target, '_self' or '_blank'
  • position int(3): sort order
  • groups varchar(128): comma separated list of user groups which can see the voice (everyone can see it if this field is null or empty)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructs a menu voice instance.

mixed$idthe object id (primary key value of the record)
menu voice instance

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Member Function Documentation

static menuVoice::get ( opts = null) [static]

Gets menu voices objects.

array$opts,:associative array of options -**where**: the where clause -**order**: the order clause
array menu voices objects

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