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table.php File Reference

Template used for displaying tables. More...

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Detailed Description

Template used for displaying tables.

Available variables:

  • class: table css class
  • caption: (optional) table caption
  • heads: array of table headers, each element may be a string (header text) or an associative array:
    • class: css class of the th element
    • text: header text
  • rows: array of table rows. Each row is an array of cells. Each cell may be a string (cell text) or an array:
    • header: (bool) is the cell an header?
    • colspan: (int) cell colspan attribute
    • title: title attribute of the cell
    • class: css calss of the cell
    • text: cell text
  • foots: table footer, may be an array of texts (one foreach cell), or a string (is displayed in an unique cell with a colspan attribute)

Definition in file table.php.